Foresight offers two treatment choices

for engaged couples, or couples

considering whether they are

a good match. They vary in depth and

time required.

The short plan uses a commercially

published survey by Life Innovations,

Inc. This consists of a take-home test

that each partner fills out in private. The survey reveals each mate’s strengths and weakness in several key areas, and how each mate’s pattern is likely to harmonize the relationship, or work toward discord.

The survey is based on the research of hundreds of married couples over decades that revealed which major traits of couples are linked with certain levels of marital satisfaction, and which are linked to divorce. The results suggests  which level of marital satisfaction is most probable for that couple and what can be done to enhance the probability of success.

The second plan is Bible based. It also involves surveys and addresses the three historical foundations most critical for a successful marriage. The “blueprint” for a successful marriage includes: How the marriage relationship should be structured;, the role of a husband and the role of a wife. The sessions help the couple to make individual and cooperative changes which enable them to have a permanent and desirable marriage.