Foresight Counseling offers two methods for calculating fees based on the pre-tax income of the client. Single and married clients earning more than $146,000 per year have two options, a sliding fee scale discussed below, and purchasing session time at a discount in blocks of 10 or 15 hours. The time may be used for either 1-hour sessions or 1 ½-hour sessions in any combination.

For single and married clients earning less than $146,000 per year, a sliding fee scale is offered. This scale takes into account gross income, student status, number of dependents, and any current economic hardship. Like clients using the Pre-Pay Plan, Sliding Fee clients can mix different session lengths. Standard one hour session fees range from $30 for unemployed or minimum wage earners to $70 for those earning $146,000 or more. The 1½-hour session fee is further discounted, making it more cost effective. Clients experiencing a decrease in income after therapy begins may take advantage of the flexibility of the sliding fee scale by stepping down to a lower fee.

For all prospective clients, an introductory session is required. This session typically lasts 1½ hours for a flat rate fee of $48.


Foresight accepts checks (in and out-of-state), VISA, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover credit cards. We do not accept debit cards. As of April 14, 2003, we no longer accept insurance, but can help insured clients apply for benefits if their insurance will reimburse them for using “out of network” professionals. For more information on our position regarding insurance, read our policy on insurance.

Foresight provides, upon client’s request, documentation of annual counseling expenses for those wishing to deduct them as an income tax medical expense. For more information about counseling as a medical expense, click here.

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